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26 August

extruder gearbox repair Davis-Standard gearbox repair

Davis-Standard Gearbox repair

09 March

Top 5 Maintenance Tips To Avoid A Gearbox Rebuilding

One of the best ways to make sure any repairs are needed on an industrial gearbox is to do regular maintenance. Preventive measures are always better when it comes to the gearbox. After all, this will avoid a breakdown in the production, which will allow your business to continue to run.

SO, here are 5 maintenance tips that will help you avoid a gearbox rebuilding:

10 February

Just finished complete overhaul repaired and rebuild all Gears shafts

Just recently repaired and rebuild (1) German made extruder Gearbox complete overhaul repaired and rebuild all Gears shafts and crack in housing back to original specifications within (1) week all work is guaranteed for 36 months from the time of installation for one of our customers in MIAMI saving 50% from O.E.M and downtime versus (20) weeks from O.E.M  PPG is the best in Gearbox repair, get you

21 January

Alpha gearbox repair by PPG Works

is the fastest, full service Machine shop, worldwide specialist in Gearbox repair of all makes and  models Taking the latest innovations of our Gearbox repair experts, our goal is to get, often mission critical, Gearboxes back into production at the shortest timespan possible. We have a winning track record in Gearbox repairing!

21 December

pinion gear repair gear rebuilding by PPG Works

Do you have a Pinion Gear that needs repair? The Gear Repair experts at PPG Works can repair your Pinion Gears to full working condition with warranty. PPG Works is #1 on Google when you search "Industrial Gearbox Repair" and there is a reason. Google recognizes the quality in our work and repairs and ranked us above all the others. So, when we say we can help with your Pinion Gear repair we mean it. However, These Pinion Gears will need repair someday.

22 October

Extruder Gearbox Repair Shop By PPG Works

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A large steel mill contacted me  last month . They had a large double-stage Gearbox that had been noisy from the first day of operation after it had come back from refurbishment at a local shop. Due to the unusual noise, they were taking weekly vibration analysis measures looking for something wrong with the Gearbox.

03 September

PPG Works Showcases industrial Gearbox Repair and rebuild

Within two weeks we have completely repaired and rebuild (1) extruder gearbox repaired and rebuild all Gears and shafts back to OEM specifications re-lineboard housing replaced all new bearings seals and gaskets For a customer in Denver Colorado 

If you are looking for fast and dependable service please contact us today for a free quote (713)862-6200

22 August

Extruder Gearbox Repair,

Are Houston Texas location just finished up a large extruder Gearbox for a customer in Arlington Texas with a (3) week turnaround time repaired and rebuilt all Gears and Shafts back to OEM specifications replacing all new bearings seals and gaskets and saving The customer 50% from OEM and downtime 20 weeks from OEM if you would like a free estimate on any industrial Gearbox repair and rebuild please contact us today 


09 July

flender gearbox repair, extruder gearbox repair, twin extruder gearbox repair

Just recently repaired and rebuilt Flender Gearbox back to O.E.M specifications within (3) weeks repaired all Gears & Shafts replace all new bearings seals and gaskets All work is guaranteed for 36 months from time of installation with savings up to 50% from O.E.M  and we can do the same for you



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