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03 April

PPG Works Does Flender Gearbox Repair for North Carolina Customer

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PPG Works had the amazing opportunity to work with a customer based out of North Carolina who needed the rebuilding and reassembly of two Flender Gearboxes. You can see from the before and after pictures the quality of work that goes into a PPG Works Industrial Gearbox repair. These two Flender Gearbox repairs were done on time and under budget. We love proving to our customers that the gearboxes can be repaired and rebuilt. Saving customers tens of thousands of dollars versus buying new.

22 August

Extruder Gearbox Repair,

Are Houston Texas location just finished up a large extruder Gearbox for a customer in Arlington Texas with a (3) week turnaround time repaired and rebuilt all Gears and Shafts back to OEM specifications replacing all new bearings seals and gaskets and saving The customer 50% from OEM and downtime 20 weeks from OEM if you would like a free estimate on any industrial Gearbox repair and rebuild please contact us today 


05 April

Rossi Gearbox Repair, Gearbox Repair,

Rossi Gearbox Repair

Repaired in Rebuilt a Rossi Gearbox back to O.E.M Specifications within two weeks For a customer in San Antonio Texas a Large Paper Mill All work is guaranteed For (36) months From time of installation

30 March

injection molding screw repair, extruder Screw Repair,

PPG-WORKS Repairs all Types of Injection Molding Screws, Extruding Screws and Barrels

18 March

flender gearbox repair, extruder gearbox repair twin extruder gearbox repair,

flender gearbox repair, extruder gearbox repair,

17 March



pinion gear repair, pinion gear rebuilding, no gears are scrap or unrepairable We can save them no matter how fairly worn they are or what condition their in by building them back up to size all work is guaranteed for 36 months From time of installation


 We offer free pick up and delivery and free estimates (713)862-6200

15 March

falk gearbox repair

We are the best in the business On repairing Gearboxes and speed reducers No Gearboxes or Gears are unrepairable to PPG-WORKS with savings Up to 60% From O.E.M Please give us a call And we can do the same for you We offer Free Pick up and Delivery and Free Estimates


JOHN MILLER (713)862-6200


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