Precision Pump and Gear Works Repairs 35-Thousand-Pound Gearbox for Virginia Clientia

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As the weather gets colder and functional equipment becomes further essential to a business’ success, PPG Works, the leading name in industrial gearbox repair, is dedicating its efforts towards ensuring comprehensive machinery repair for all who require it. With big-name clients, including Cincinnati Milacron, turning to us for their gearbox repair, we have the experience necessary to provide your business with fast, reliable results!  

Recently, PPG Works had the opportunity to work on quite a large-scale project: A 35-thousand-pound gearbox sourced from Virginia. Despite occurring under a firm deadline by the client, who required a speedy recovery to get their operations back on track, PPG Works successfully provided rapid and efficient results throughout the process.

Following our standard procedure, this gearbox was delivered to our headquarters, where we received the unit and began repair operations. Thanks to our thorough inspection standards, we identified any overloading, excessive heat, or misalignment that appeared to be impacting the gearbox’s capabilities. After locating and noting these problem areas, our team of experts could get started on full-scale repair. We completed the process with a quick turnaround and returned the beautiful and restored gearbox to our client.   

If your business’s machinery no longer operates to the best of its ability, don’t hesitate to reach out to PPG Works. There isn't a single client we can't assist with services ranging from gearbox repair in Texas to gearbox repair in Ohio. Contact one of our industry experts today to learn more!