lohmann stolterfoht planetary gearbox repair Davis-Standard gearbox repair

We recently repaired & rebuild this Lohmann Stolterfoht Planetary Gearbox Repair. Here you can see the before and after images by PPG Works. PPG Works is your leader in Industrial Gearbox Repair and has the expertise and the shop capacity to service all typs of Gearboxes and Speed Reducers Repair, jobs just like this one. We saved the customer thousands of dollars by rebuilding the Gearbox back to O.E.M specifications. The customer thought the Gearbox Repair job couldn't happen and they would have to buy brand new. and pay 100% However, the customer contacted PPG Works and like many other customers, we saved this Lohmann Stolterfoht Gearbox and got it back to the customer in (1) week in 100% working condition with warranty. If you have a Gearbox in neede repair in the US we encourage you to contact PPG Works and let us give you a free Quote on getting your Gearbox repair, We work with every and all Gearbox manufacturers. Contact PPG Works today for your next, Gearbox Repair. (713)862-6200